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Hướng dẫn học ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 30: Must – Mustn’t – Needn’t – Học Hay

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Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 30: Must – Mustn’t – Needn’t – HocHay

– Must có nghĩa là “phải”, dùng để diễn tả một mệnh lệnh hay một sự bắt buộc (Necessity)

  • You must drive on the left in London.
    (Ở London, bạn phải lái xe phía bên trái)

– Must not: diễn tả một lệnh cấm.

  • You mustn’t be allowed to smoke here.
    (Bạn không được phép hút thuốc ở đây)

– Needn’t: Khi muốn diễn tả thể phủ định của must với ý nghĩa “không cần thiết” người ta sử dụng needn’t.

  • Must I do it now? – No, you needn’t. Tomorrow will be soon enough.
    (Tôi phải làm nó bây giờ sao? – Không, cô không cần, Ngày mai xong là ổn rồi.

– Có thể dùng don’t/doesn’t/didn’t need to 

  • You don’t need to see him, but I must.
    (Cô không cần gặp ông ta, nhưng tôi phải gặp)

– Nedn’t + have + V3/-ed: “lẽ ra không cần phải…”: diễn tả một hành động không cần thiết phải thực hiện trong quá khứ

  • We needn’t have hurried. Now we are too early. (Chúng ta lẽ ra không cần phải vội, giờ xem ra chúng ta đến sớm rồi)

Bài tập Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 30: Must – Mustn’t – Needn’t – HocHay

A Which goes with which? Find the sentences with a similar meaning.

1 You must be very quiet.

2 You must remember your password.

3 You must be brave.

4 You must be on time.

5 You must leave the furniture as it is.

6 You must go away.

7 You must forget what happened.

a You mustn’t stay here.

b You mustn’t be afraid.

c You mustn’t think about it.

d You mustn’t forget it.

e You mustn’t be late.

f You mustn’t make any noise.

g You mustn’t move anything.


B Which is correct?

1 We have plenty of time. We mustn’t / needn’t hurry. (needn’t is correct)

2 I have to talk to Gary. I must / mustn’t remember to call him.

3 I have to talk to Gary. I mustn’t / needn’t forget to call him.

4 There’s plenty of time for you to decide. You mustn’t / don’t need to decide now.

5 These are important documents. We mustn’t / needn’t lose them.

6 You mustn’t / needn’t wait for me. You go on and I’ll join you later.

7 This is a dangerous situation and we need to be careful. We mustn’t / needn’t do anything stupid.

8 I understand the situation perfectly. You mustn’t / don’t need to explain further.

9 A: What sort of house do you want to buy? Something big?

B: It mustn’t / needn’t be big – that’s not so important. But it must / mustn’t have a nice garden.

C Complete the sentences. Use needn’t + verb. Choose from:

come     keep      leave     walk      worry


1 We have plenty of time. We needn’t leave yet.

2 I can manage the shopping alone. You …………with me.

3 We …………all the way home. We can get a taxi.

4 You can delete these emails. You …………them.

5 I’ll be all right. You …………about me.

D Write two sentences for each situation. Use needn’t have in the first sentence and could have in the second (as in the example). For could have, see Unit 27.

1 Why did you rush? Why didn’t you take your time?

=> You needn’t have rushed. You could have taken your time.

2 Why did you walk home? Why didn’t you take a taxi?

3 Why did they stay at a hotel? Why didn’t they stay with us?

4 Why did she phone me at 3 am? Why didn’t she wait until the morning?

5 Why did you shout at me? Why weren’t you more patient?

E Are these sentences OK? Change them where necessary.

1 We have plenty of time. We don’t need hurry=> We don’t need to hurry

2 Keep it a secret. You mustn’t tell anybody. => OK

You needn’t to shout. I can hear you perfectly.

I needn’t have gone out, so I stayed at home.

5 This train is direct. You don’t need to change.

You mustn’t lock the door. It’s OK to leave it unlocked.

I needn’t have said anything, so I kept quiet.

I needn’t have said anything. I should have kept quiet.

Đáp án



2 d

3 b

4 e

5 g

6 a

7 c


2 must

3 mustn’t

4 don’t need to

5 mustn’t

6 needn’t

7 mustn’t

8 don’t need to

9 needn’t … must


2 needn’t come

3 needn’t walk

4 needn’t keep

5 needn’t worry


2 You needn’t have walked home. You could have taken a taxi.

3 They needn’t have stayed at a hotel. They could have stayed with us.

4 She needn’t have phoned me at

3 am. She could have waited until the morning.

5 You needn’t have shouted at me. You could have been more patient.


3 You needn’t shout. / You don’t need to shout. / You don’t have to shout.

4 I didn’t need to go out. / I didn’t have to go out.

5 OK

6 You needn’t lock the door. / You don’t need to lock the door. / You don’t have to lock the door.

7 I didn’t need to say anything. / I didn’t have to say anything.

8 OK


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